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WebP Converter Online

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What is Webp Converter?

Webp Converter is an image-optimizing and compressing tool without losing quality also recommended by Google. It helps you in optimizing your website images without losing quality.

You Can convert a wide range of image formats into WebP like JPG, PNG, JPEG, and others.

You can use this WebP Converter Online for free on any device you want with an internet connection.

How to use Webp Converter?

The method of using Webp Converter is easy and simple.

  • Chose Image to convert 
  • Select quality by sliding the quality line. The default selected quality is 80.
  • Click on the Covert to Webp button 
  • Click on the Download image button

How does Webp compare to other image formats?

Webp offers better compression than other image formats like JPEG and PNG, resulting in smaller file sizes and faster loading times.

Is Webp Converter free to use?

Yes, Webp Converter is free to use. You can convert your images to WebP format without losing quality.

What is the difference between lossless and lossy compression in WebP Converter Online?

Lossy compression is a type of compression in which some data of an image is discarded to optimize it and to make it smaller in size. You can adjust this loss by sliding the quality line.

Lossless compression is a type of compression that in which no data or information is discarded to optimize your image size or compress it. This compression result in this compression is limited but still significant.