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Watermarking images is an important way to protect your work and brand. Adding a text or image watermark to photos and images allows you to easily mark them as your property. The Custom Image and Text Watermark Maker is a handy online tool that makes it simple to add custom watermarks to any image.

Custom Image And Text Watermark Maker Online | Add Watermark Without Losing Quality


The Watermark Maker is a free online tool that lets you add text and image-based watermarks to images. It offers a straightforward interface that makes the watermarking process fast and easy, no matter your skill level.

Some key features of the Text Watermark Maker include:

  • Customizable watermark text and Image - Add any words or Photo you want.
  • Flexible formatting options - Adjust text size, font, color, rotation, and position. Also, you can adjust the position, size, and rotation of the image watermark.
  • Download watermarked images - Save directly to your computer.
  • Free and easy to use - No signup or login is necessary.

With the Text Watermark Maker, you can quickly apply custom text watermarks to your images before sharing them publicly. This helps protect your brand and content.


Using the Text Watermark Maker to add watermarks to your photos is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

1. Select Image:

Go to the Text Watermark Maker website and click the "Choose Image" button. Select the photo or images you want to watermark from your computer. You can upload JPG, PNG, BMP, and other common image formats.

2. Customize Watermark Text:

In the Text box, type the words you want to use for the watermark. You can enter anything - your name, brand name, copyright notice, etc. Use the formatting options to adjust the font type and size, text color, opacity, rotation angle, and other settings. This lets you customize the look of the text overlay.


First, choose the image to show as a watermarked image on your original image. Then set the size, X and Y direction, and rotation of the image

4. Save Watermarked Images

Once you have finished customizing the text or image watermark, click the "Add Watermark" button. This will overlay the text or image onto the selected image. Finally, click the "Download" button to save the watermarked versions to your computer with the text or image overlay added.

And that's it! The Text Watermark Maker makes it fast and easy to add custom text watermarks to multiple images in just a few clicks.

Benefits of Using the Text Watermark Maker

There are many advantages to using the Text Watermark Maker tool:

  • Protects your work - Watermarks help prevent unauthorized use of your images. The custom text and image clearly show ownership.
  • Versatile - It can watermark any common image type and batch process multiple files.
  • Fully customizable - The tool gives you full control over the watermark text, size, font, color, and placement and size, position, opacity, and rotation fro the image watermark.
  • User-friendly interface - The simple design makes it easy for anyone to add text and images overlays. No special skills are required.
  • Saves time - Watermarking multiple images manually is tedious. This tool speeds up the process.
  • Free to use - There is no cost or signup required to access the Custom Text and Image Watermark Maker online tool.

Whether you are a photographer, artist, blogger, or business owner, the Text Watermark Maker simplifies adding identifying watermarks to images you want to protect.

Use Cases for the Text Watermark Maker

There are many potential use cases where the TEXT AND IMAGE Watermark Maker can help streamline watermarking tasks:


Photographers can use the tool to quickly add their name, logo, or copyright to client images before delivery. This protects photos from unauthorized usage.

Bloggers & Content Creators

Bloggers can add watermarks to their website or brand name when publishing images online. This deters image theft.

Artists & Designers

Artists and designers can watermark their drawings, illustrations, and designs with a logo or signature before sharing them publicly.

Social Media Users

Anyone sharing images on social media can use custom watermarks to ensure they receive proper credit if their photos are re-posted.

Students & Academics

Students can use the Text and Image Watermark Maker to add their name or student ID to project work and submissions to show ownership.


Companies can watermark images on their websites and materials with a logo, brand name, or copyright notice. The Watermark Maker provides an easy way for anyone to watermark images for their specific needs.

Tips for Effective Text Watermarking

Follow these tips to make sure your text watermarks are applied effectively:

  • Make the text large enough to be readable, but small enough to avoid obstructing the image.
  • Use font sizes between 18-44 pts typically. Use opacity settings between 50-80% for the right transparency balance. Set the right size and position for the image using the watermark. Too opaque covers details. Being too transparent makes it ineffective.
  • Place text or image off-center to avoid drawing too much attention away from key elements. Put it in corners or along edges.
  • Use dark text colors like black, gray, or white for maximum contrast on most images. Light pastel colors often get drowned out.
  • Try different rotations to best fit the image layout. Angled text or images may integrate better than straight horizontal text on some photos. Watermark original high-resolution images before sharing smaller compressed versions publicly. This retains quality. 

Taking the time to fine tune your text watermark settings will ensure it shows up clearly while minimizing visual disruption.

Why Watermark Your Images?

Here are some key reasons why applying watermarks to your photos before public sharing is so important:

  1. Prevents Copyright Theft - Watermarks make it harder for others to claim your content. A text or image overlay shows ownership.
  2. Maintains Brand Identity - Consistent watermarks with your logo or name help build brand recognition online.
  3. Discourages Unauthorized Uses - Most people will avoid using images with visible watermarks for commercial purposes without permission.
  4. Provides Attribution - Even if your photo is shared, a watermark gives you proper credit and exposure.
  5. Allows Image Tracking - You can trace watermarked images online to monitor usage and prevent misuse.
  6. Improves Professionalism - Watermarks make images look more polished and professional for portfolio use.

Taking a few seconds to add a text watermark before publicly sharing images can protect your brand, prevent misuse, and give your work a professional touch.


Adding custom text or image watermarks to images is a breeze with the user-friendly Watermark Maker tool.

To start watermarking your photos in just minutes:

  1. Go to the Watermark Maker website
  2. Upload your photos to watermark
  3. Customize your watermark Text or image and settings
  4. Download the watermarked images!

The Custom Text and Image Watermark Maker provides an easy way to quickly apply custom watermarks to all your images.

Try out the Watermark Maker for free to easily protect and brand your images today.

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