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Converting PDF files into JPG or PNG image formats can be useful for many reasons. The most common is to extract images from PDFs for use elsewhere or to reduce file sizes for sharing online. Luckily, there are free online PDF to image converters that make converting PDF pages to JPG or PNG a quick and easy process. And this tool is best for them. This tool provides features of not only multiple page conversion but also you can convert multiple PDFs at once. Convert your multiple PDF files with multiple pages by selecting custom pages or full PDF to JPG/PNG or Webp in just a few seconds.

PDF to JPG/PNG or Webp Converter Free Online - Multiple PDFs And Pages Converter

What is a PDF to Image Converter?

A PDF to image converter is a tool that can extract and convert each page within a PDF file into standard image formats like JPG, PNG, and WEBP.

PDF files are great for maintaining formatting across devices, but they can be troublesome for extracting and reusing content. Images, text, and other data become locked within a PDF making it hard to edit and reuse.

A PDF converter unlocks this content by rendering each page as an image so that it can be edited and shared just like any other picture.

How to Use a PDF to JPEG, PNG, AND WEBP Converter

Converting PDFs to images using these online tools is a quick 3 step process:
  • Step 1. Go to the converter website and click the "Select PDF files" button to choose the file from your computer. You can also drag and drop your PDF File.
  • Step 2. Enter the page numbers you want to extract as an image. If you want to convert all pages then leave this field blank.
  • Step 3. Choose output image format i.e. JPG, PNG, or Webp.
  • Step 4. Click the "Convert" button and wait for the PDF pages to finish rendering.
  • Step 5. The tool will show you a preview of your PDF images.
  • Step 6. Now you can download your images but if you want to convert your other PDF files at once then select another file and click on convert to PDF button and a preview will appear with both old and newly selected PDF images.
  • Step 7. Repeat the process for other PDFs to convert and at the end download all PDF images in one zip file by clicking the download button at the end.
Converted JPG,  PNG  or WEBP images can now be used anywhere photos are supported. Extracted images will be high quality and uncompressed. Share online, edit using image editors, or reuse in documents and presentations.

Why Convert PDF to Image?

There are a few key reasons why converting from PDF to  image is useful:

Extract and Reuse Images

Often PDF files contain charts, photos, diagrams, and other images that would be useful for reusing elsewhere. By converting to JPG, Webp, or PNG, these images can be extracted and repurposed easily.

Reduce File Sizes for Web Sharing

PDF files can be quite large, which makes sharing online or attaching to emails troublesome. Converting the pages to compressed JPG images significantly reduces file sizes making the content easier to share.

Process Pages with OCR

Converting PDF pages into images allows OCR (optical character recognition) to be performed on the pages to detect text. This extracted text can then be edited, formatted, and reused in other documents.

View PDF Content Offline

Some PDF viewers require an internet connection to function properly. Converting a PDF to images allows the content to be viewed easily offline without specialized software.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search engines can't read text within PDF files. Converting to JPG, Webp, or PNG formats allows search engines to index the images within your PDF, improving SEO.

Features to Look for in a PDF to JPG/PNG Converter

When picking a PDF to image converter, there are a few key features that are important to look for:
  • Multiple file uploads - Ability to convert several PDFs at the same time in a batch.
  • Bulk downloading - Downloads all generated images in one ZIP file rather than individually.
  • Fast processing - Quickly handles large PDFs and high page volumes.
  • Custom Page Selection - The tool provides you an option to select custom pages in PDF.
  • Security - Does not store or share uploaded PDFs or generated images.

Converting Scanned PDFs Into Editable Documents

Scanned PDF documents created from hard copies contain images of pages rather than actual text content. Converting these scanned PDFs to JPG, Webp, or PNG alone results in an image but the text remains inaccessible for editing and formatting.

To unlock scanned PDFs, OCR (optical character recognition) needs to be used alongside conversion to images. OCR analyzes page images to detect text and "type it out" so it can be copied, edited, and reused.

Some PDF to image converters like Hipdf and PDF2JPG have integrated OCR options built-in. Others allow you to process the converted images using a separate OCR tool for text detection.

Here are the steps to convert a scanned PDF to an editable document:
  1. Convert PDF to JPG/PNG/Webp images
  2. Enable OCR options to detect text on page images
  3. Download resulting images
  4. Copy-paste text portions into Word, Google Docs, etc
  5. Edit and reformat as needed after cleanup
OCR isn't 100% accurate so expect to clean up odd characters and formatting quirks manually. But it saves huge amounts of time versus manually typing everything out.

Pros and Cons of Converting PDF to Images

Before converting your PDF documents to JPG or PNG, consider these advantages and disadvantages:


  • Extract and reuse images and visuals from PDFs
  • Significantly reduce file sizes for online sharing
  • Ability to access and edit text using OCR
  • Read content offline without specialized software
  • Quickly generate image previews for each page


  • Lose the ability to rapidly jump between pages
  • Navigation and scrolling is trickier with images
  • Lose standard PDF features like forms, links, and bookmarks
  • Text heavy documents generate hundreds of images
  • Slight degradation of image quality due to compression (JPG only)

In most cases, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, but consider your specific use case. PDF remains ideal for printable documents while images excel for reuse and sharing.

Tips for Best Results

Follow these tips to get the highest quality JPG or PNG images when converting your PDFs:

  • For images, use PNG format for lossless quality. JPG compresses images with some loss of quality.
  • For documents, JPG format is fine for maximum compression. PNGs preserve text sharpness better but result in larger files.
  • Convert only the pages you need instead of full documents to avoid cluttered image files.
  • Save the output image files using descriptive names so they are organized and easy to find later.
  • Use high resolution images in your original PDF for best image quality. Low resolution PDFs produce blurry images.

Common PDF to Image Conversion Issues

When using an online PDF converter tool, you may encounter:

  • Oversized files - PDFs over 2GB may fail to convert properly online. Break up large PDFs into smaller files.
  • Processing errors - Corrupt or encrypted PDFs may fail to convert. Try optimizing the PDF beforehand.
  • Slow conversion - Lengthy documents with many hi-res images will take longer to process. Allow time for large PDFs.
  • Image quality loss - Compressing images as JPG can result in reduced sharpness and clarity. Use PNG for lossless quality.
  • Missing images - If the PDF is formatted improperly, some images may fail to extract or convert. Try different tools.
Thankfully these issues are easily avoided by following the tips outlined above.

Converting PDF to JPG/ PNG/ Webp with Photoptimizer

Photoptimizer's free PDF to JPG/Webp or PNG converter makes it easy to effortlessly convert your PDF documents into optimized images.

Here are some key features and benefits:

  • Convert any PDF up to 2GB - Safely convert large or multiple PDF files.
  • Extract all images from PDF - Save individual JPGs/Webps or PNGs of every image in the document.
  • Batch conversion - Queue up multiple PDFs for sequential processing.
  • Select page ranges - Customize which exact pages get converted.
  • Download individually or ZIPped - Get images grouped or as individual files.
  • Responsive support - Get assistance with any conversion issues.

With Photoptimizer's PDF to image converter, you can quickly convert your PDF documents into web-ready JPG or PNG files while preserving quality. Try it out for your next PDF conversion project!

Get the Most Out of Your PDFs

By converting your PDF files into optimized JPG or PNG images, you can unlock new possibilities for reusing, editing, and sharing the visual contents within your PDF documents.
Using Photoptimizer's fast, unlimited, and free PDF to image converter tool streamlines the conversion process so you can access PDF images with minimum hassle.
Give it a try next time you need to extract shareable images from a PDF or make PDF content more web-friendly!


Converting PDF documents to standard image formats like JPG, Webp, and PNG provides tremendous flexibility. You can extract specific images, share content easily online, run OCR to detect text, reduce file sizes, and view files offline.

The free online PDF to image converters featured here make PDF to Image conversion quick and easy without needing any desktop software. They also unlock options for customizing output quality and leveraging OCR to convert scanned PDFs.

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